Saturday, July 29, 2017

Some Congregational Church History

--History of Ford County, Illinois:  From its Earliest Settlement to 1908.  Ernest Arthur Gardner.  1908.

--"Memories of Roberts" 1995 Calendar. Roberts Woman's Club.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

J. A. Pettit

--Gibson City Courier.  26 October 1906.  Page 2.

Saturday, July 08, 2017

Roberts Exchange Bank

--Gibson City Courier.  18 November 1915.  Page 6.
This article talks about the history of the Roberts Exchange Bank.  It details how the first bank sat where the Seng Implement was located and at that time it faced to the east and was located on Main Street.  It was destroyed in the first Roberts fire in the 1870's.  Another bank was built but this time it faced to the north and was fronted on Green Street.

L. E. Bressie

--"Let's Talk About Roberts."  Larry Knilands & Jean Fox.

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Jacob & Mary Blesch

--Portrait and Biographical Record of Ford County, Illinois.  1892.

**Note.  An incorrect spelling on the plat map.  Plesch.  But the documentation in the Portrait and Biographical Record says section 11.

--Lyman Township Plat.  1884.

Jacob and Rosalie (Gurard) Blesch are both buried at Lyman Township Cemetery.


--My Photos.  2016.

Pettit Home

 --Roberts Area Centennial.  1872-1972.

--My Photo. 2016.

From Bressie to Currie

--Paxton Record.  23 February 1888.

--Paxton Record.  2 February 1888.

 --Paxton Record.  1 March 1888.

A. E. Cook

--Paxton Record.  17 October 1888.

More Roberts Businesses

--"Let's Talk About Roberts."  Larry Knilands & Jean Fox.


--Roberts Herald.  17 May 1901.

Saturday, July 01, 2017

Cassingham Bros.

The Cassingham brothers were in business in Roberts for many years, with one of the two leaving town on several occasions, only to come back and join another economic enterprise or to renew the union with his brother.  As was common back then, the Cassinghams dealt in paint, lubricants, patent medicines, gifts, jewelry, fans, feathers, and other inventory that led to the 1890s label of "Various and Sundry."

--Let's Talk About Roberts.  By Larry Knilands and Jean Fox.