Monday, May 29, 2017

Bryron Hickerson

Buried at Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington County, Virginia.



The first loss of life in battle among the Lyman township soldiers was reported in a message received here last Wednesday. The message stated no particulars except that Byron Hickerson had been killed in action.
Mr. Hickerson was one of the first of our boys to be called last fall and was also one of the first to go across. He was a young man who worked for Eugene Henning last year. While he was not very well known in parts of our township he had many friends in East Lyman who sympathize with the bereaved family at his untimely death and all our people join in sorrow that one of our men must be called up to give up his life that we should be safe in Democracy. It is difficult to realize and many of us have not yet realized that all that we are, all that we have and all the civil rights that we enjoy are being held for us by the sacrifice of the lives and maiming of the bodies of our young men. Many men from other localities have fallen and now one of us, one who a short time ago was living quietly and happily in our midst, but when the lot was cast and it became his duty to go to the front, went and performed that duty, has fallen. His life is consecrated to the welfare of his country.
Two Lyman township soliders have been wounded. Clyde Peterson received five wounds in the arms, shoulders, and chest from a burning shell. This was reported some time ago. Vernon Havener was gassed while in the trenches and was sent to the hospital for treatment. His injuries were not so severe but that he was returned to the front within a short time but on nearing the trenches he with others were obliged to abroad a moving train. In doing so he caught a swing bar and fell beneath the train. The result was one foot crushed and the flesh torn from the other leg.
--Roberts Herald. 2 October 1918.

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