Friday, August 11, 2017

1894 Fire

(From Chicago Daily Record, Sept. 1, 1894)
Greater Part of the Business Section of the Village Destroyed.
Special to the Chicago Record.

Roberts, Ill. Aug. 1. -- A fire broke out at about 1 o'clock today which destroyed the greater part of the business portion of this village. Following are the business buildings destroyed: Roberts Exchange bank, A. Buzick grocery store, Archer's barber shop, E. G. Reinhardt's drug store, William P. Landel, hardware and furniture; Mrs. I. McNeish, boots, shoes and harness; T. H. Fencken & Co., building owned by J. P. Smith, groceries and dry goods; John Ortlepp, hardware and furniture; Mrs. F. L. Hanson, millinery; William Hahn, wagon shop; Kolp & Sandsted, blacksmiths; Foster Bros, hardware and furniture. The south side of the business block, including twelve buildings, was entirely wiped out. Loss amounts to about $35,000, partially insured. The fire originated in the rear of W. P. Landel's hardware store, but from what cause is unknown. the entire business portion of the village would have been destroyed but for the efforts of citizens in extinguishing the fire as fast as it caught on the opposite side of the side street.

--Roberts Herald. 22 August 1923.

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