Tuesday, April 04, 2017

R.T.H.S. 1947. As Seen from the Air.

This interesting shot was in the Roberts School Yearbook from 1947.  I was having a rough time finding my home.  I grew up right across the street from the front doors of the school.  Someone pointed out that what appears to be a very dark, straight road is actually a support bar for the wing of the plane that is blocking the view of my home.  Haha. 
But we did have some discussions on the homes in the shot.  

JANICE ARNOLD DOWELL:  So I guess that big white house in the lower right sat where the Knilands home now sits.  Did they live in that home?  No Schuler home.  At the end of that block would be where my Great Grandparents (Johnson and Beckie Arnold) lived. The same home where the Bob Hoover family lived. But the house in this photo looks too big. The Trees home across the street I presume. Or am I still lost?

RONALD FRITCHLEY:  Yes, the Knilands lived in that house. I recall them cleaning out the house after they purchased it. We lived down the street west in the house next to the Kief/Crouch house.

DONNA DANIELS:  What do you mean Kief/Crouch house? Which Kief? I lived between Crouch and Garrelts houses. Where were you from there? My dad was Fuzzy Walters.

PAMELA KAY SABICH:  Before Crouches moved to Roberts, Vera ( Houtzel) and Dick Kief lived there. Vera was daughter of Myrtle Houtzel, my great grandmother. Vera is mother of Lyle and grandmother to Peg, Dave, Doug, And Julie.

RONALD FRITCHLEY:  Donna Daniels -- we lived next to the Crouch's. Before the Crouch's, Dick and Vera Kief owned that house.

JERRY STURM:  And the Hoover house is where my grandparents Fred and Ida Sturm lived for many years. So, the Arnold's must have lived there prior to that.

JANICE ARNOLD DOWELL:  Johnson and Beckie Arnold both died in 1938.

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